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Irritated with dry, chapped and dark/pigmented lips?
We always prepare our skin on a daily basis before going out, but we always forget to take care of our lips in the process. We forget that even our lips need care, exfoliation, and moisturisation.
The vermilion of the lips which is the part that most people refer to when talking about the lips can range in color from very pink to brown. Unlike the rest of our skin, which is made up of multiple cellular layers, our lips are only made up of 3-4 layers. This makes the tissue thinner and more delicate and allows color from the underlying blood vessel to show through. But there are various external factors due to which the uppermost layer of the skin gets damaged and ultimately leads to darkness and hyperpigmentation.There are various products in the market which helps in lip lightening but if the natural color of the lips is dark then those products won’t help because it’s present in the genes.

Lip dryness and darkening happens due to multiple reasons:
1. Regular and excessive smoking causes the lips to darken 
2. Over exposure of skin to the sun leads to sunspots on the lips which leads to turning the lips into darker in color.
3. Due to lack of exfoliation our dead skin does not get removed and our lips tend to lose moisture easily as it is the skinniest layer of the skin.
4. Usage of chemical based products like lipsticks, tinted balms makes the lips even more darker so one must be careful before buying such products as it can lead to damaging of the lips.

Omorfee is here with the solution of all the above problems. Omorfee Lip Lightening Salve has it all.

A nourishing lip balm that protects and repairs your lips against any external factors for soft lips, leaving behind the beautiful aroma of pineapple.

Removes away discoloration caused due to any external factors like pollution, smoking, UV rays and use of chemical-based products on the lips.
Protects the lips and brings back the natural color of the lips in very less time.

·       If the lips have turned dark due to any external factors like sun, smoking or lack of care, it can help in bringing back the natural color of your lips.Almond Oil makes lips smoother and lighter. It needs regular usage, a healthy lifestyle and using the product at least 4-5 times a day for 2 months, to see some visible results. 

·      Using chemical-laden lip balms can give a temporary solution to this but in long term it can damage the lips to a great extent. Devoid of any petroleum based products, Omorfee’s Lip Balms are made with natural ingredients like Floral waxes and Edible fruit extracts.

·       Omorfee's Lip Lightening Salve is an organic lip balm enriched with the goodness and healing properties of nature. It is a protecting lip balm with natural SPF owing to the Carrot Seed Oil present in it. Enriched with several vitamins, Carrot Seed Oil helps in repairing the damaged tissues and eventually bringing back the natural color and lustre of the lips. Lips are rendered smooth and full of sheen with Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, hydrating and moisturizing the lips. Additionally, it leaves behind the sweet aroma of the edible grade Pineapple Extracts. Possess this natural salve for marvelous lips! Made out of natural ingredients, so just don’t worry if you end up licking the delicious lip butter off your lips.
Our product has all the neccessary ingredients needed in a lip balm:
·      Carrot Seed Oil provides both care and protection to the lips against lip darkening.
·      Organic Cocoa Butter softens and moisturizes the lips.
·      Almond Oil makes skin smoother and lighter.
Omorfee strives for a better and healthy way to live life. Here’s to natural beautiful lips!