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Sensitive skin is a common skin issue. Most people have a combination of dry and sensitive or oily and sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are generally more prone to reactions from skincare products and makeup and must be extremely cautious while making their purchases.

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin:

Some of the most common symptoms of sensitive skin are:

. Your skin reacts instinctively to any random product

. Your skin gets inflamed or shows visible redness

. Your skin is often dry and has patches

. You sunburn easily

It is very important to understand that these are some of the most common symptoms and there could be some more symptoms beyond this. Men’s skin is also capable of showing signs of sensitive skin and needs special attention and care.

Parts of the body that show signs of sensitiveness:

. The face is the most prominent part where you can see reactions to sensitive skin

. Lips are also a highly reactive place. The reactions are a lot more visible as the skin is extremely soft there

. Underarms region is soft and can often react to chemicals badly and turn dark or have breakouts

. Thighs are another soft region where you can see visible signs of dryness and sensitiveness.

Omorfee has put together a small kit especially for people with sensitive skin. This kit comprises of daily usable products that help keep the sensitivity at bay. These products are made with completely organic ingredients and have certain plants and herbs that keep the skin soft and heal sensitivity.

For the Lips:

Omorfee recommends using the Hydrating Lip Balm. This lip balm is made by combining Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil which helps hydrate and moisturize the lips. This lip balm heals cracked, dry lips and forms a great base for lipsticks and makeup. The lip balm has qualities that keep the skin hydrated deeply for over 6 hours. The amazing banana flavor keeps it lip-smacking and extremely edible.

For the Face:

We recommend certain particular products as part of your daily skin routine if you have sensitive skin.

Aqua Splash Face Wash: Recommended for people who need additional hydration to their skin, this face wash is made with the extracts of Aloe vera and Chamomile. Aloe vera is a great household ingredient used to soothe sensitive and dry skin. Chamomile adds to the moisturization and lovely flavor to the skin.

Perfecting Facial Crème: This is a unique product that has been created after years of research and finding by using some patented ingredients designed by Omorfee. This product defends the skin from pollution and harmful Blue rays.

Placid Water Face Toner: Toner is an essential product for instant refreshment and hydration to the skin. Omorfee’s face toners are completely devoid of alcohol and are extremely gentle. The Placid Water Toner helps to tighten up the skin, reduce pores, and soothe irritated skin extremely well.

Revivify Potion Anti- Aging Night Oil: A unique potion created to help intensely treat the skin from deep within. The Revivify Potion helps in skin regeneration and acts as a defense mechanism against blemishes. The Baobab Oil in this potion helps in the rejuvenation of skin and protects the skin from extreme temperatures.

Overall, organic products are known to have a gentle and comforting effect on the skin and work great on sensitive skin. However, as the ingredients in organic products are selected directly from nature, there is a possibility that certain plants, herbs, flower extracts could have a triggering effect on the skin. After careful research, our team has created the above products to ensure that sensitive skin issues are targeted and customers with such skin types can also enjoy the luxury of organic skincare products.

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