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With COVID-19 creating unusual circumstances, one thing is for sure, festivities are not to be dampened. With Diwali just a day away, the pressure of festivals has begun across India. You can often smell fragrances of some sweet dish being prepared as testers or some pre-hand work to avoid slogging on the last day.

With the festival of lights around the corner, it is time to start prepping your skin for some glowing festival look. A lot of us may be stuck choosing between priorities with hardly any time left for some self-pampering. 

Omorfee has put together an instant recipe for a glow- up Diwali glam look. This recipe is completely organic and is made with the best ingredients put together which makes it so perfect for an instant gorgeous look.

Following this routine will not only help you get the perfect glowing skin for your Diwali evening but will also give you the confidence and boost you need during this economic situation.

1.     Cleansing: First off, it is important to cleanse the face with a mild cleanser. This will help remove the excess oil and grime off the skin giving you a clean palette to work on. We recommend using our Aqua Splash Face Wash or Green Apple Face Wash.These cleansers are mild and gentle on the skin and help deep clean oil and grime.

2.     Exfoliating: The most important step to a long- lasting glam look is exfoliation. We often consider exfoliation to be something that doesn’t need to be done regularly.Our research has led us to think otherwise. Our Melo Daily Face Scrub has extremely mild effects allowing you to exfoliate your face daily. It helps give you the glam look by detoxing your face of daily impurities and help restore natural moisture and nutrients to the skin

3.     Face Pack: A needed product for a quick fix is face pack. It allows you to imbibe all the benefits of the ingredients used to make the face pack while slowly pulling out toxins from the face. We recommend the Detox Face Pack for special occasions.  This face pack has the properties of Volcanic Ash and Clay and helps remove dead skin and impurities.

4.     Moisturizing: With winters creeping in, moisturization is of utmost importance (and yes, even for oily skin). Moisturizing not only keeps the skin soft, but also help reduce pores which can give a fantastic finish to the look.

5.     Toning: An additional item to lookout for is a toner. Toners help maintain the pH balance of the skin and allow you to maintain the glow up look for days. We recommend the Rose Floral Water for such occasions. Made of organic, selected Bulgarian Roses, this water is extracted by steam press method.


Following these five quick and easy steps will not only help you relax your face but also make you ready for your festival evening with family and friends. 

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From the entire family of Omorfee, we wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.