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There is no doubt that almost all of us have a very busy and active lifestyle. Along with your skin, the adverse effects of this lifestyle reflect on your hair. Each day, our hair collects a lot of dust and sweat on them. Moreover, we use heat-styling and chemical treatments that cause serious damage to our hair. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that all of us choose the right products to maintain the health of our hair. Many hair products that you will find in the market, that include ingredients that may show water results (and usually loaded with heavy fragrances). With this, we might assume that these products are good for our hair. However, in reality, these products are full of ingredients that might give good results initially but they can cause serious hair damage in the longer run.

At Omorfee, we keep these points in mind while designing our hair care products. Our products are free from the 5 most damaging chemicals that are most commonly found in other products. Instead, our motive is to lead you towards attaining healthy hair using certified organic and plant-based ingredients.

Here is a list of 5 Big-No ingredients in your hair care products. 

1. Sulfates

This is the most common chemical used in most shampoos. The sole purpose of this chemical is to create excess lather which helps in making you believe that it is cleaning your hair. However, in reality, sulfates can prove to be extremely harmful, especially for people who have chemically treated and damaged hair. This is because this chemical strips off the much-needed natural oils from our hair.

Thus, to take care of your hair, all the hair washes by Omorfee include Coconut Oil derivatives which work as cleansing agents that clean your hair, without damaging your hair or without stripping off the natural oils of the hair.

2. Silicone

Silicone is a common ingredient primarily in conditioners. But this component can also be found in hair washes, serums, and hair oils. The reason for this chemical being a common element is that it seemingly gives instant results in terms of giving anti-frizz benefits. It does this by adding a coat on your hair and creates an illusion of adding volume. However, silicone does not let your hair breathe naturally which steals away its natural shine. It suffocates your hair for the sake of instant results.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is the most common element that is added to hair care products. It is mostly because of the debate that goes on for its benefits and harms. Alcohol has the tendency to dry up your hair and leave it feeling brittle.

4. Parabens

Without a doubt, Parabens can be stated as the worst elements that can be found in beauty products. There are so many negative effects of these elements, making it no good for you. Parabens are considered to be carcinogenic which is a cancer-causing agent. Externally, it is known to cause allergic reactions and result in some skin conditions on your scalp. Thus, it is best to stay away from this ingredient while choosing your hair care product.

5. Phthalates

Phthalates are known to be a chemical group that is used in hundreds of plastic products. This chemical group is found commonly in hair care products. However, these chemicals are extremely dangerous because they interfere with reproductive and hormonal functions.

We should understand that your hair deserves that loving nourishment of organic products. Check out our range of hair care range that will surely give you hair that you have been long desiring for.